In-Office Services

Our centre provides a number of services aimed at supporting clients from Former Yugoslavia. If you would like to use any of our services, then please contact us.

Interpreting and Translating

We offer a free interpreting and translating service in our office to our clients upon request. In addition, we can translate personal documents and short notes for use by external agencies.


We provide advice on housing options for clients from Former Yugoslavia. In particular, we can help with application form completion, contacting housing offices and interpreting by phone if a client is in the housing office.


We offer free and confidential conversation in our language to clients from Former Yugoslavia. We also handle referals to the professional statutory service providers. Furthermore, with the consent of the client, we can provide background information to the professionals if this is required.

English Classes

Occassionally, we run English classes for those interested in learning the English language.


We are exempted on level 1 for the office of the Immigration Service Commissioner, and we provide free immigration advice to all on level 1. (visit, naturalisation, family migration, study in UK, working in UK). We can also do referrals to level 2 and level 3 immigration advisors.

  • Independence – we are independent and we will work for the best of our clients interest.
  • Equality – we don't judge our clients on any grounds. Our services are open and equal to everyone.
  • Confidentiality – we will pass none of your information without your consent to anyone outside.
  • Free – All services are free of charge for those on benefits or low income.