Our Mission and Vision

Our mission and aim is to provide support and confidential service to elevate effects of poverty, sickness and distress of Refugees from Bosnia-Herzegovina and from the Former Yugoslavia and others, regardless of their ethnic origin and background. We believe that all refugees have the right to live in a just and equal society. We aim to achieve this by providing information, support, training and educational opportunity for all of them.

Aims and Objectives

  • to provide practical and social support to all refugees and others from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Former Yugoslavia, now settled in East Midlands.
  • to provide advice services, support and a confidential information
  • to elevate effects of poverty and distress to Refugees mainly from Bosnia-Herzegovina and refugees from the Former Yugoslavia, regardless of their ethnic origin residing in East Midlands.
  • to equally provide independent and impartial advice and support those mentioned above people, who are on benefits or low income, disable, elderly and vulnerable, residing in East Midlands.
  • further development of the B-H Community Centre as a "One Stop Shop" place, as an efficient service for the Refugees and Asylum Seekers from all over the World.

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