Pre-school Initiative and Bosnia Herzegovina Supplementary School

The Project has been funded by BBC Children in Need. It has been run by parents-volunteers and supported by employed staff. The Project is supporting group of 35 + children, helping them to overcome the language barriers:

  • Pre school children speak only Bosnian or English, just some of them both languages
  • When moving to nursery, they are struggling to cope in such English environment
  • Particularly difficulties to communicate to other children during play and class sessions
  • Children are loosing level of communiciation with their Bosnian speaking parents

Our Project will provide activities for those children in order to

  • increase level of English or Bosnian amongst children
  • increase level of general knowledge and improve children CV in regular school
  • improving opportunities to have bilingual people in UK society
  • share culture and tradition in order to easy integration into this society
  • increase sociability skills in order to overcome the barrier and lack of confidence
  • promote healthy eating/meal prepared by parents volunteers
  • learn how to share things

The conditions to join to our services

  • you do need to apply and register your child
  • there is a small annual register fee of £30 for 1 child and £40 for two or more children
  • your child age 1-4 year old will go to "pre school" and 5-14 year old to Suplementary School
  • you have to be prepared to stay with your child and to do volunteering if you wish
  • sessions are every Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00 and Cultural Activities Fridays 17:30 till 19:30
  • you have to be prepared to take some of free training as a volunteer
  • you are CRB checked or prepared to be CRB checked

All that you need to do is contact us:

  • by phone 01332294436, 07428549090 ili 07971057969
  • e-mail:
  • visit us at our premises: Bosnia & Herzegovina Centre, 99 Curzon Street, Derby, DE1 1LN

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