Support Us: Derby Refugee Forum and Bosnia Herzegovina Community Association


The donations are welcome and can be made in a various ways, in money, in kind, equipment and in your own time. We help destitute Asylum Seekers and Refugees, destitution and orphans and severely ill children in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Money donation to:

Derby Refugee Forum, HSBC, 40-19-15, Acc.12799650.

To Derby Bosnia Herzegovina Community Association, NatWest,01-02-66, Acc:82966915.


All aid in food and clothes are very welcomed in order to help destitute Asylum seekers and other destitute people via Derby Refugee Advice Centre.

Your Time

We also provide wide spectrum of activities out of working hours, so you can take part within and use your experience to help and assist us to improve qualities of our services. The team of volunteers lead these activities and they will be very happy if you join to them.

We are seeking for and signing devoted volunteers too.

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