Traditional Dance Classes

Dance Group "Bosnian Pearls" Derby, trains and teaches Bosnian Refugees; children, youth, adults and others as well as promotes awareness of Bosnian culture and tradition, primarily amongst young people, regardless of their religion, origin and colour of their skin.

We practice our dance in order to preserve our language, culture and tradition for future generations.

Performances and Achievements

  • "Give it to go" – St James Centre and Mackworth College.
  • June 2000 – Open of the B-H Community Centre.
  • Conference B-H Diaspora in London, June 2001.
  • Holocaust Memorial Day. for the last several years.
  • Annual Gatherings of Bosnian Supplementary Schools for the last several years.
  • The Spot 28 June 2002 - Cultural Diversity Programme.
  • "Refugee Week" for last several years.
  • Derby Museum - Celebrating Bosnian Culture (2016)
  • Arboretum Park
  • Other events...


Trainer: Mrs Fahira Hasedzic

Chair: Mrs Amela Akram Khaled

Secretary: Mrs Amra Bjelobrvic

Treasurer: Mr Ahmed Gopo


Dance practice: Every Friday from 17:30 to 19:30 at Bosnia & Herzegovina Centre, 99 Curzon Street, Derby, DE1 1LN.
Everyone can join.
No fees to pay and no 
travel reimbursement cost.

All donations are welcome!